Resources for Mental Health Professionals



ANNOtated bibliography

This toolkit was created as a project for Temple University's School of Social Work Integrative Seminar. Click here for the resources used to create this toolkit. Includes scholarly articles, websites, and books that may be useful to other professionals.

ditch the label

One of the largest anti-bullying nonprofits in the world, provides an online forum empowering people aged 12-25 to overcome bullying. Addresses not only those who are bullied, but those whose behaviors are labeled bullying behaviors. 

Why we love it: The online quizzes that youth can use, especially "Are They Really My Friend?"

Cyberbullying research center

Results from the latest research on many forms of cyberbullying. Tools geared toward parents, students, and teachers. 

Why we love it: An extensive reading list that parents will find useful.