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Infiltrating Public Space: a workshop led by Tassos Stevens of Coney (Philadelphia)

 New Paradise Laboratories is bringing a very special opportunity to Philly as part of the Philadelphia Game Lab's annual Grassroots Game Conference (Oct. 14-20).

Offered at NO CHARGE to the Philadelphia creative community, but RSVP required. Participants from all disciplines are encouraged to register.

Attend either session on Wednesday, October 16th, 12pm-4pm and 6pm-10pmat Christ Church Neighborhood House.

Infiltrating Public Space: a workshop led by Tassos Stevens of Coney

Tassos Stevens (@tassosstevens) is a founder and co-director of Coney (@agencyofconey) which concocts adventure through many kinds of play. In this workshop, open to anyone who is game, TS will share some of Coney's secrets (one especially) for how and why to create diversions in public space. Expect to engage with the work on your feet, indoors and outdoors, and know that it will be captivating and mysterious.

Tassos Stevens is an England-based thought leader in the field of game design, audience engagement, and innovation and the founder and co-director of Coney. Stevens specializes in delivering play to people in all kinds of spaces, wherever they are.